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The Building Process 

The process of building a new home is exciting, rewarding, challenging and requires planning and good communications. 

Step 1:  Meet with your builder. Set goals and be clear about what you want to build

Step 2:  Choose a house plan and location

Step 3:  Get your Financing. We work with Farmers & Merchants Bank of Ashland for several of our      projects. Please contact Ginger Colson at 402-944-3316 or visit their website at

Step 4:  Get bids for the home 

Step 5:  Create a Budget and sign a contract with your builder 

Step 6:  Purchase your lot or parcel of land

Step 7:  Put together a plan on how to sell your existing home. The building process will take 9-12 months. 

Step 8:  Construction of your home.

Step 9:  Finish and final inspections for your new home 

Step 10:  Move in and enjoy

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